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PDF The Rise of Shadows is at its core, a quick paced martial arts fantasy story that flows along at a very readable level apart from a few areas which I will elaborate on further down. The story revolves around a succession of Guardians been picked off by the generals of the Lord of Shadows in an effort to get the keys to unlock their masters solitude. However, each Guardian has appointed a successor, knowing their fates.

The primary successor is Alexander from Norway and he is thrust into an adventure to find the other successors and to stop the Lord of Shadows from getting what he wants. That is the premise of the story.

From here, the writing is solid but I must point out that at times it skipped along to fast. The change of pace from one location to another in at least two instances had me reading back a paragraph to gather my thoughts. But don't let this take you away from the story as it should be pointed out that this is a novella and not a full length novel so it is excusable to some point to quickly move along.

The primary characters are aimed at a youth audience and this book is more akin to readers of books like I Am Number Four and the rest of the Lorien Legacies and you may find that elements of this story are in some way similar to number four. But again, this is not a major stumbling block.

Overall, I will be looking out for the second entry into the series and in no way will some of the points mentioned above deter me from having a good read and enjoying a bit of action and excitement for my inner teen.

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