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PDF Known for their brilliant colors, absolutely charming nature, and tragically short life — well, not so tragic really! — annuals do have a shorter life span than their fellow perennials, but they also are some of the easiest and most versatile flowers to grow. In "Annuals For Dummies, " Bill Marken and the National Gardening Association editors give you the know-how to get your garden blooming in no time. You'll find friendly and expert advice about

Selecting the right annuals for your climate
Dealing with those pesky pests that love your annuals as much as you do
Designing a garden no matter how large or small a space you may have
Growing annuals when you have less-than-sunny conditions
Discovering tips for tilling the soil and organic gardening
Finding online gardening information and the best mail-order resources for gardeners
As an added bonus, "Annuals For Dummies" also features more than 100 beautiful color photographs of annuals from African Daisies to Zinnias and contains suggestions for spectacular color combinations and beautiful garden designs.

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