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PDF An exciting reference work which captures current thinking aboutthe workings of the mind and brain, focusing on problems that areas old as recorded history, but reflecting new approaches andtechniques that have emerged since the 1980's. The "Encyclopedia" contains 696 articles covering indepth the entire spectrum of the cognitive sciences. Reviewing the common themes of information and informationprocessing, representation and computation, it also covers indepth the core areas of psychology, philosophy, linguistics, computer science, and neuroscience. Ancillarytopics such as education, economics, evolutionary biologyand anthropology are also covered.

The articles have been written to provide multiple levels ofinformation so that readers from various levels can benefit fromthis set - from undergraduate and postgraduate students touniversity lecturers.

With extensive cross-referencing, a glossary and subject indexto further aid the reader through the book, the "Encyclopediaof Cognitive Science" is an essential addition to anylibrary or office shelf.

The "Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science" (ECS)includes: 4 Volumes4000 pages696 articlesContributions from the world's leading experts1,500 illustrationsDetailed indexes and appendicesExtensive cross-referencing

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