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PDF Getting Things Done: Productivity Guide: 200 Best Secrets in Maximizing Your Productivity and Getting Things Done!

Book Description
This book is a compilation of the best productivity tips that can be practically applied in everyday life. You will discover the best 200 tips that will guide anyone who wants to do more things with less effort and time. You will learn the do’s and don’ts of how to do your tasks well and achieve goals on time.

Each Productivity Tip is shared in a simple way. You can read them in any sequence you want or select the topic that you think you need to learn first. Or you just read the book from the start to end. You will enjoy it more as you apply each Productivity Tip and see how your productivity level improves.

Be amazed on how this guide will change your workday. Spend your precious time to learn MORE from this book…..

200 Best Productivity Tips

* Tip #7: do your task for a reason
* Tip #8: procrastinate consciously
* Tip #9: set a time schedule
* Tip #18: organize your desk
* Tip #39: be inspired
* Tip #40: be healthy
* Tip #41: get up early and work fewer hours
* Tip #42: have a quality time with your loved one
* Tip #43: make your meetings effective
* Tip #44: surround yourself with positive people
* Tip #45: consider doing tough or worst tasks first
* Tip #51: target small milestones
* Tip #52: create your top 3 of 3 lists
* Tip #53: build up a good early mood
* Tip #54: batch similar tasks
* Tip #62: practice the Pareto principle
* Tip #63: avoid an 8-hour work
* Tip #71: be punctual
* Tip #79: classify important and urgent tasks
* Tip #95: get a coach
* Tip #96: live with peace within
* Tip #103: review and eliminate tasks
* Tip #108: do small tasks later
* Tip #109: accomplish big goals in several stages
* Tip #127: keep learning so you’ll grow
* Tip #128: take the responsibility
* Tip #143: make planning a habit
* Tip #191: allow a maximum of one day-off
* Tip #192: visualize daily in detail
* Tip #199: take the two-minute rule
* Tip #200: own your life

** special extra bonuses **

* Tip #201: work with your natural body rhythms
* Tip #202: have a productive lunch time
* Tip #203: consider email rules
* Tip #204: unsubscribe diligently
* Tip #205: let others do some personal chores
* Tip #206: set your family time

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