Elizabeth Lapthorne - Wolf's Passion (Rutledge Werewolves, #3-4). PDF

PDF On St. Valentine's Day, Fancy Mitzki haunts an old high-rise. To join her late husband in Heaven, she must unite four couples by midnight...and she does so by stranding them in the elevator. She starts with Kelly Flynn, a nightclub hostess too busy for relaxation or romance. Reflexologist Connor Latimer wants to give Kelly both, starting with a sexy foot massage in the supernaturally stalled elevator. Timid accountant Russell Finch loves fiery dance instructor Devon Dubois, but Devon wants a man who can lead in the dance and in bed. Alex Mitzki is a popular rock musician while Pepper McKay is a classical pianist. Although their styles differ - in music and life - desire composes a sensuous rhythm for physical collaboration. Alex's sister Sophia never mixes business with pleasure. But she can't resist when elevator repairman Jake Christian treats her as an equal in business and the boudoir. While Fancy jinxes Jake's attempts to diagnose the elevator malfunctions, each couple enjoys sensuous adventures on their way to finding love.

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