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PDF Joan Boice, a retired school teacher afflicted with dementia, hoped to hang on to her dignity and safety when she checked into Emerald Hills, a facility run by America’s largest assisted living company. What she and her family got was an introduction to what many think is the country’s next great health crisis.

Having had a grandmother living in Assisted Living with Alzheimers, this book caught my eye when I saw it on Kindle Singles.It is sad to find out that "Emeritus" was so grossly negligent in the way they operate their facilities...from undertrained staff to low budgets...everything they did in this case was wrong and it is obvious that what was important to them was the money these patients brought in.

I feel that before you choose to move any loved one into a facility, do your research.Dig as deep as you possibly can; ask questions, becuase if you don't you can find your loved one neglected and dying as well.

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