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PDF Welcome to Brigid's Fire. This is the first volume of our anthology of local poetry. The poets that have lent parts of their soul to these pages are witty, intelligent, fun and dedicated to preserving the fine art of poetry. They have given their talents to South Buffalo, Western New York and all the nooks and crannies of the world that call for inspiration and words that fuel the human heart. These gifted poets have taken the mission of Dog Ears Bookstore and The Enlightenment Literary Arts Center to new and more exciting heights. We are dedicated to the written word and all that is has to offer the mind, the body and the soul. We have created an environment where reading and writing skills are cooperatively fostered and supported. We are here to develop and strengthen children's and adults' love of reading and literary arts through neighborhood-based access programs, encouragement, facilitation and education while offering a bookstore to perpetuate and encircle the reading and writing process. We provide an atmosphere that promoted quiet reading time as well as group discussions and writing programs in order to maximize what literature and literacy has to offer. It is with these sentiments in mind that we decided to unleash the burning passions of those who have honored us with their poems that have graced our 4th Friday Poetry Series or quietly slipped into these pages with powerful submissions. We have chosen the name Brigid's Fire for many reasons and you will become aware of them as you burn through each word in this anthology. Brigid is the Patron Saint of Poetry in Ireland and her dedication to teaching inspires the voice in all of us. Her love of all creatures knew no bounds and each of these poets exemplifies similar compassions. Brigid changed the pagan sanctuary of Kil Dara into a Christian shrine, which gave its flame dedicated to Christ, which was thereafter maintained by her followers until it was doused by the forces of Henry VIII. Brigid's wisdom and generosity became legend and people traveled from all over the country to share her wisdom. A tiny cross-made of rushes was aligned with St. Brigid supposedly woven by her to explain the passion of Christ. We have chosen to channel her passions of learning and compassion into our poetic endeavor. We fully understand that South Buffalo has been, to date, a predominately Irish Catholic part of this grand city, and we do not want that identity to be lost OR predominant. We have simply chosen a Saint, her fervor and symbols that define what each line of these pages brings to life. We hope you read with dedication and understanding. We hope these words inspire you and give you call to howl, incite and challenge anything in your path. It is our desire that your bellies fill with flames and the fire you breathe catches the tips of that spinning cross and flings these words to the ends of the earth and beyond. Words can also quiet our aches and give us a friend to count on; someone who understands and gives us a smile or hope. They can be found here as well. Ah yes and possibly a chuckle or two. In essence, we hope you like it, and we hope you see us worthy to visit, a viable production to submit to, and a place where fantastic words went to rest and live forever.

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