Rex Stout - Three Witnesses (Nero Wolfe, #26). PDF

PDF The anthology consists of three novellas:

The Next Witness.
Nero Wolfe is called to testify in court as a witness. He almost never leaves his house, but being a PI he has to do it in such cases. This time he really hated a smell of perfume of a woman sitting next to him so much that he stood up and left before his testimony. To justify his childish act and avoid a fine for court contempt he decided to take a close look at the case presented in court. Some unexplained peculiar things came up right away.

Wolfe's eccentricity saves a man's life. Money was not his motive in this case even though he did get paid at the end. He also had to practically play Perry Mason in this story with his courtroom antics.

When a Man Murders.
A millionaire is killed in Korean War and his widow remarried. Her first presumably dead husband suddenly showed up. The new couple hired Nero Wolfe to settle the matter. A dead body makes an appearance shortly after this.

I am proud to say I was able to solve this mystery before Nero Wolfe explained it. It is fair and gives enough clues to the reader. So I was smarter than Archie Goodwin in this case.

Die Like a Dog.
Archie Goodwin stumbled upon a murder scene by accident and had a dog following him from there - by accident again. He decided to play a trick on his boss and told him he bought the dog as a companion. Nero Wolfe called his bluff and let the dog stay. This ultimately leads to him having to take a murder case to solve with the dog as the only client and no fee in sight.

This one is a good mystery which seems fairly complicated at the beginning, but looks very obvious once Nero Wolfe untangles it.

The anthology rates exactly like the majority of the books from the series: 4 stars. It is fast read and entertaining.

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