Yuzo Takada - 3x3 Eyes, Tome 1 (3x3 Eyes #1). PDF

PDF A mysterious girl named Pai, the last of a tribe of immortal triclops seeks out the son of a professor who has promised to help her become human. The boy is a bit of a slacker goof, but he decides to help Pai on her quest and along the way they get attacked by demons, become mystically linked and get a job working for a magazine that investigates the weird and occult.

It's cute and well drawn with some good ideas ( the story with the invisible claw demon was pretty clever) and the artist makes sure to include some cheese cake shots of Pai.

It also feels very formulaic and this not much to raise it beyond the horde of 'boy meets girl, one of them is magic and they have a shared destiny, which usually involves fighting monsters' mangas out there.

A fun read, but I don't feel an overwelming urge to race out and get the next volume.

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