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The book is listed as 'young adult' but in reading, it seems a little young, and is a short story (the kindle edition only goes to around the 30% mark) about a dragon, and the artist that has been sent to paint him.The remaining pages of the book are given over to a preview of an upcoming work from the author, and that seems a little bit inappropriate.I am aware that even print books now often contain teasers for upcoming works, but never ones that run to 70% of the print length!

Returning to the story at hand... Often in stories for young children, the antagonist of the story is painted (pun intended) as less intelligent than the protagonist, but what annoyed me most about this story was that the dragon was just plain stupid, besides which, why must a dragon be evil and vain just because he's a dragon?

Just about the only thing the book has going for it is that some of the descriptions are vivid, allowing for clear visualisation of the dragons, (or whatever else) that the author is presenting to the reader, as such, it would be good for young readers, and to encourage creativity in young writers too - but that's just a teacher's perspective.

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