Kieron Gillen - Uncanny X-Men By Kieron Gillen, Volume 2. PDF

PDF Gillen starts this arc running headlong into new, unknown danger - militaristic deployment and lurking mystery among the wild, alien land. Grips me right away, then gives me time to watch our heroes do a little interpersonal tap-dancing. It isn't perfect tho - Namor referring to himself constantly in the third person is an interesting affectation, but sure doesn't jibe with how he's been recently portrayed.

The concepts of the world that Gillen creates in this arc are wonderful - he's really thought them through and found new ideas that conjure wonder. Some of the "poetic" dialogue tho is a little crude: "As long as we can feel, it's a victory."

The final couple of issues feel kind of wedged in, like Gillen didn't have an arc in him but still had to set up a big reveal with some red herring distractions.

Land, Leisten & Guru-EFX combine to create some of the most beautiful scenery, renderings of imagery I'm sure would hang in museums if it wasn't just taken for granted in a monthly. OTOH, Land really seems to like drawing Betsy's ass.

So all in all I wasn't spellbound by this book, but I was engaged by the great art - without that, I might've just tossed this aside without finishing (even though I'm devoted to all the soap opera of the X-clan).

Plot spoiler notes for future reference:
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