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PDF This book opens with a simple premise; WE CAN all speak, but when it comes to a second language most often WE WON'T speak. With over a decade of living in and teaching of a second language, the author has come to draw the following conclusions: MOST LEARNERS DON'T KNOW HOW THEY LEARN. MOST TEACHERS DON'T KNOW HOW PEOPLE LEARN. IDENTICAL STUDY DOES NOT MEAN IDENTICAL SECOND LANGUAGE ABILITY. MORE STUDY DOES NOT MEAN BETTER LANGUAGE ABILITY. WE SABOTAGE OUR OWN ABILITY TO SPEAK. LANGUAGE IS NOT A GENETIC THING. THERE ARE ONLY TWO DRIVING FORCES BEHIND BEING ABLE TO SPEAK A SECOND LANGUAGE. KNOWING A SECOND LANGUAGE AND USING A SECOND LANGUAGE ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS. Free Your Tongue - What Your Language Teacher Won't Teach You' allows you to unlock your voice and speak with ease. With simple, straightforward, and easy to understand explanations, this book is designed for everyone from the high school student and above to use. By following the advice and recommendations in this book the reader will be able to take control of their learning and develop powerful, confident ability in speaking a foreign language. With literally millions of second language conversations behind him, Graham Alexander shares his understanding of the habits we all have that sabotage our second language speaking ability. Included are easy to understand tips and exercises to help stop and remove these bad habits which negatively impact our abilities. Within this book there are guidelines and advice which if followed closely will transform the humblest and shyest of speakers into a confident communicator. Unlike most text books this book contains NO GRAMMAR RULES NO VOCABULARY LISTS NO READING EXERCISES This guide gives understanding of how our mental processes positively or negatively affect our ability to speak a second language and how we can take control of them. This guide will take you out of the classroom and the library to where true education is performed and give you the knowledge to develop your speaking power. Don't waste another penny on private classes or text books until you have read and digested the knowledge contained within these pages.

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