J.S. Fletcher - The Middle Temple Murder & The Paradise Mystery (J.S. Fletcher Murder Mystery Classics Book 1). PDF

PDF • Two of British author J.S. Fletcher's mystery novels from the Golden Age of Detective Fiction are bound together in this Kindle book: The Middle Temple Murder (1921) and The Paradise Mystery

The Middle Temple Murder (1921)
A body is discovered on Middle Temple Lane on the steps of a barristers' chambers. There is only one clue: the address of a lawyer on a piece of paper. But is it related to the death? Perhaps yes, but upon further reflection possibly no. Either way, the lawyer and Spargo, a journalist desperate for a big story, decide to solve the case.

The Paradise Mystery (1921)
A murder is committed in a quaint cathedral town in England, full of impostors and gossips.

About The Author
Joseph Smith Fletcher (1863 –1935) was a British author of more than 230 fiction and non-fiction books. He was also a leading writer during the “Golden Age” of detective fiction. Fletcher was born in West Yorkshire and studied law before becoming a journalist. He wrote about history (including historical novel When Charles I Was King) and rural life, beginning with The Wonderful Wapentake.
In 1914, the British author wrote his first detective novel and continued on to write more than 100 books, many involving the exploits of private investigator Ronald Camberwell.

J.S. Fletcher Murder Mystery Classics
Each novel in the series, published by Pearl Necklace Books, is available through Amazon and contains a bonus novel. The murder mystery series includes 13 books published following the end of World War I and at the start of the Roaring 20s including:
1. The Middle Temple Murder, 1919
2. The Talleyrand Maxim, 1920
3. Dead Men's Money, 1920
4. The Borough Treasurer, 1921
5. The Chestermarke Instinct, 1921
6. The Herapath Property, 1921
7. In the Mayor's Parlour, 1922
8. The Paradise Mystery, 1921
9. The Orange-Yellow Diamond, 1921
10. The Middle of Things, 1922
11. Ravensdene Court, 1922
12. The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation, 1922
13. Scarhaven Keep, 1922

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