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PDF A strange and enigmatic character, M P Shiel was born in 1865 on the Caribbean island of Montserrat, and claimed to have been crowned in his youth as King of the 'micro-nation' of Redonda. Emigrating to England, he quickly gained notoriety for his decadent and unsettling novels. 'The Purple Cloud' tells the tale of Adam Jeffson who, on an expedition to the north pole, discovers (and by discovering profanes) a sacred pillar he finds there. Returning, he discovers that the rest of humanity has succumbed to a strange purple cloud that his activities conjured into being. This influential book is a remarkable blend of theological fantasy and science fiction, the first novel to explore the idea of surviving an apocalypse entirely alone. Its portrayal of a lone survivor slowly sliding into madness was credited by Stephen King as inspiring his novel 'The Stand'.

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