Marilyn Kaye - The Beginning (Replica, #14). PDF

PDF Amy is going back to the place where she was born—Washington, D.C. It's a class trip to take in the historic sights of the nation's capital. Sure Amy's uneasy about traveling to the home turf of the people who funded Project Crescent—the reason she's alive—and is in constant fear of being captured. But it's a chance to connect with her roots. After all, what could go wrong? Well, Amy's mother is a class chaperon, and for her the trip stirs up memories. Memories of working in the top-secret government program to develop clones. Memories of a loved one battling a rare genetic disorder. Memories of betrayal, and a decision that would forever change her life. And now the trip back to where it all began pits mother and daughter against an enemy both old and new.

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