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PDF Steve McVey is the President of Grace Walk Ministries, a discipleship training ministry located in the Tampa Bay area. He is the author of the books Grace Walk, (Harvest House, 1995) Grace Rules, (Harvest House, 1998), Grace Amazing (Harvest House, January, 2001), A Divine Invitation (Harvest House, July, 2002), The Godward Gaze (Harvest House, 2003), The Grace Walk Experience (Harvest House Publishers 2009), Walking in The Will of God(Harvest House , 2009),Journey Into Intimacy (Grace Walk Resources, LLC 2008)and 52 Lies Heard in Church Every Sunday (Harvest House 2011). Over 550,000 copies of Steve's books have been published in fifteen languages. Steve is the host of the daily Grace Walk radio program, airing across the U.S. He and his wife, Melanie live in the Tampa Bay area. They have four adult children and three grandchildren.

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