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When CIA operatives Frank Cones and Jack Baker are sent to Berlin to escort a wanted Nazi scientist out of Germany they find themselves in a desperate race against time. Both Cones and Baker become entangled in a witch hunt to bring Dr Victor Klaus to justice. Hot on their heels are Israeli secret service and a Russian agent hell bent on revenge. With the Russians closing in on all sides Cones and Baker make a sacrifice which will ensure classified documents are flown out of the country.

Tales from Majestic is a monthly short story series chronicling UFO history over the last 70 years. Beginning with the Roswell crash of 1947, Tales from Majestic leads way from the actual event following a historical UFO timeline. Using a blend of historical and fictional characters this unique short story series looks beyond events in America playing out on an international Stage. Tales from Majestic follows in the spirit of shows like The X Files and Dark Skies and will appeal to many people across many genres.

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