Betty Johnson - Moonbeak and Jacob Aventure Book 1 to 4 Bundle (Children's Book Age 3 to 5). PDF

PDF Moonbeak and Jacob adventure book series are about the adventures of two close friends-Moonbeak the Owl and Jacob the Ape. Moonbeak is wise, prefers to be quiet and likes to help when asked. He can also fly stealthily and can scout ahead to assess the situation.

Jacob is adventurous and fun loving. He is also very resourceful and enjoys making tools with his hands. They love to help other animals in distress. Together, they can accomplish what they cannot do alone.

This is a story of adventure, friendship, service, teamwork and making friends. There are a lot of pictures to illustrate the story so your child can imagine the scenes as they take place.

This book is suitable for children age 2-4. In this book bundle, there are four short stories about how Moonbeak and Jacob helps different animals.
Synopsis for Book 1-Sunny's First Flight In this book, Sunny the baby bird is learning to fly. She makes many attempts and fails. One day, she meets Moonbeak and Jacob. How will they help Sunny in her first flight?

Synopsis for Book2-Jack lost his mother In this book, Jack and his mother are on their way to the race track. On the way, they stop by a garden to smell the flowers. Jack takes a wrong turn and losses her mother. He sees Moonbeak's house and knock on his door. How will Moonbeak and Jacob help finds Jack's mother?

Synopsis for Book 3-Get Oscar Home In this book, Oscar the rabbit wanders from his home and gets lost after chasing a colorful bird. He then meets Moonbeak and Jacob who are having picnic. How will Moonbeak and Jacob help Oscar get home?

Synopsis for Book 4-Find Polly A Sleeping Place Moonbeak and Jacob is having fun swimming in a pond. Suddenly, Polly the tadpole approaches them and complaints that it is too hot to sleep. Polly explains he needs a new sleeping place to grow into a frog. How will Moonbeak and Jacob helps him?

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