Great Books Foundation - Junior Great Books Series 2. PDF

PDF Happy lion / Louise Fatio —
Tale of Squirrel Nutkin / Beatrix Potter —
How the camel got his hump / Rudyard Kipling —
Kanga and Baby Roo come to the forst, and Piglet has a bath (from Winnie-the-Pooh) / A.A. Milne —
Arap Sang and the cranes, African folktale / as told by Humphrey Harman —
Blue moose / Daniel Manus Pinkwater —
Anancy and dog and puss and friendship, West Indian folktale / as told by James Berry —
Jack and the beanstalk, English folktale / as told by Joseph Jacobs —
Magic listening cap, Japanese folktale / as told by Yoshiko Uchida —
Jackal and the partridge, Punjabi folktale / as told by Flora Annie Steel —
Nail soup, Swedish folktale / as told by Linda Rahm —
Apple of contentment / Howard Pyle.

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