Serenity Woods - Black Hawke Down. PDF

PDF Nature witch, Captain Imogen Williamson, is on the run, blamed for a murder she didn't commit, hunted by the Supernatural Unit of the British Army desperate to keep quiet the secret Imogen's discovered. She knows it won't be long before she's found, but doesn't suspect it will be Major Cameron Hawke—Iron Warlock and ex-lover—who'll be the first to find her.

Hawke thinks she's defected to Chaos and knows he's got to put aside his feelings for her so he can complete his mission, but a moment of weakness makes him falter. Captured and restrained like an animal, he finds himself at Imogen's mercy. He thinks it's only his life at stake, but when Imogen tells him getting pregnant is her only way of staying alive—and he's going to help her whether he likes it or not—he soon realizes his self respect and dignity might be on the way out too . . . .

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