S.J. West - Dragon Alliance (Book 2, Vankara Saga). PDF

PDF When Sarah Harker agreed to use her shifting ability to transform into Queen Emma Vankar, she never imagined she would have to lead Vankara in a war against the Fae. After learning the truth behind the cause of the plagues, Sarah and her small contingent return to Iron City to find it besieged by Nuala’s troops and her corps of formidable dragons.

The unexpected invasion has left Vankara weak and vulnerable, unable to defend itself without outside assistance. In order to defeat the Fae, Sarah must form alliances that will help her drive them back over the Iron Wall. To counteract the dragons under Nuala’s command, Sarah is forced to journey to the place where dragons originated. There she must convince the most ancient of dragons to lend her their help in the war against the Fae. But gaining the dragons’ trust won’t be an easy task. Sarah will have to delve deep within herself in order to earn their trust, and what she discovers about herself and those around her won’t only change her life but also the fate of Vankara.

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