Mika Sadahiro - アンダーグランドホテル KISS&KILL [Under Grand Hotel - Kiss & Kill]. PDF

PDF 30 meters underground, a prison where escape is impossible; the United States penitentiary, “The Underground Hotel”. Only the people who enjoy living in this place, a life cut off from the sun, call it by another name: “The Under Grand Hotel”. Absorbed in pleasure-seeking sex, the shut-call, Erie (leader of the prisoners) isn’t watching the men he’s raping each night, but rather one man alone. Norman.
Norman, who keeps trying to harm himself as a result of trauma, the kind doctor who cares for him, Van, and Erie, who’s falling into a brutal love that’s more akin to hatred… What will happen when these various feelings are made to intertwine into a closed-off world? From storyteller Sadahiro Mika, the long-awaited, mature love story of the “Under Grand Hotel” begins!

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