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PDF For the past year, Cameron has felt heartsick, but has no idea why. Any time that she tries to remember something from more than a year ago, her brain ignites with pain.

By a twist of fate, two secret agents suddenly appear in Cameron’s life. One is Blake—smooth talking, dashing, and oozing suave; danger slides over him like a suit. The other is Ivan—a massive scarred hunk of a man who would be frightening, except for the shocking vulnerability he shows only to Cameron. Each spy insists that Cameron is in danger, and that the only way to find out who she is really is to come with him.

The problem?

They’re going in opposite directions, and each blames the other for the mysterious heartbreak that her emotions remember but her mind does not.

She’s soon drawn into a world where no one can be trusted. Every new clue to her identity brings up even more questions and aides in uncovering a sinister plot with catastrophic implications. But even if Cameron gets her memory back, in this world of smoke and mirrors, how will she know who to trust?

This romantic adventure is a novella-length (~47000 words) work.


She took a breath.

“Nice try, hotshot, but no dice.”

“How about just sharing the blanket, then? Between that and this great fire you've made, I'm sure we'll be fine.”

She nodded without saying anything. Sitting down next to her, he wrapped the blanket around the smooth curves of her body. He took the time to slide the blanket underneath her feet. Still, Blake kept his distance, staying about a foot away.

“You're uncovered,” she said, peeking over at him.

His whole right side had no blanket at all.

“It's fine,” he said.

“No. You have to stay warm. I have no idea what to do next. You're the man with the plan. Get closer.”

Yes, Cameron. The only reason you want him closer is because he has a plan. It's not because of his gorgeous eyes, or the solid, muscular frame of his body, or the clearly incredible strength of his arm that would just turn you to jelly the second it wrapped around your shoulders.

It’s not because of whatever visceral connection you can’t help but feel every time he’s near.

He did come closer then, but kept his arm at his side. His fingers, so lean and tender, slid against the outside her thigh. He retracted somewhat and she was surprised.

He's . . . he's scared, she realized. Underneath all that bravado, he was scared to get close to her.

But why?

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