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PDF Given the amount of time that Abraham Lincoln spent in the telegraph office of the War Department next door to the White House, it is unfortunate that there are no photos of him there. But we have this fascinating account of his time there. During times of crisis, tension, and victory, Lincoln spent hours and hours in the company of his "boys" in that office.

There are many Lincoln anecdotes you will not read anywhere else and they help to complete a view of this extraordinary president.

David Bates was one of the boys. From 1861-1866 he was the manager of the War Department telegraph office and a cipher (code) operator. In this intimate and interesting book, first published in 1907, Bates relates what it was like working alongside Abraham Lincoln and Edwin Stanton (Secretary of War). He also discusses the codes and methods used during the Civil War to transmit important messages.

One of the unsung heroes of the American Civil War was Major Thomas Eckert, who was in charge of all military telegraphic operations. Greatly trusted by both Lincoln and War Secretary Stanton, Eckert was employed in many very important actions during the war.

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