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PDF Leverage Oracle Database 11"g" Release 2 High Availability Features Protect your critical business assets and achieve maximum database uptime using the detailed information in this Oracle Press guide. "Oracle Database 11g Release 2 High Availability: Maximize Your Availability with Grid Infrastructure, Oracle Real Application Clusters, and Oracle Data Guard, Second Edition" provides cost-effective solutions to current availability challenges. Discover how to grid-enable your IT framework, roll out Oracle Real Application Clusters, maintain standby databases, and deploy Oracle Flashback. Monitoring, tuning, and disaster recovery techniques are also covered in this comprehensive resource.

Install Oracle Clusterware (as part of Oracle's grid infrastructure) or upgrade from an earlier version Build test clusters and hosts using Oracle VM Work with Oracle Automatic Storage Management and Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System Create synchronized standby databases using Oracle Data Guard Reliably archive and restore data with Oracle Recovery Manager Use Oracle Flashback to identify and undo user errors Configure Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control for management of an Oracle maximum availability architecture environment

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