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PDF It's 1976, and all high school grad Tim Hill wants is an air-conditioned job, a steady supply of joints and a roll in the hay with his best friend Charlene. Of course, he's got no marketable skills, no money, and Charlene thinks she's a lesbian . . .Then Tim gets a job as a dj at WOZK, a small down-and-out easy-listening FM radio station. It seems like everything he wanted - except that now Charlene accuses him of selling out, his co-workers are a menagerie of dysfunctionality, and the station is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Enter Steve Thomas, crack sales manager, shade-tree philosopher and prophet of disco. Suddenly WOZK is plumb popular and Tim's life takes an even stranger turn - he's a celebrity. Getting what you want in mid-'70s America isn't all that tough - but staying sane and sober sure can be.

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