Melanie Mitchell - Good Morning, Good Night!. PDF

PDF This is an adorable book!My 2-yr-old son just got it for Christmas and he LOVES it.
The entire story rhymes and easy to read with a soothing go-to-sleep voice. ;)
The story itself has repetition repeated through the pages, so in just the 2nd reading of it he was "reading" those phrases himself.
It works really well for calming down for bedtime.Great bedtime book!Each page says good morning to a different animal, and then he can lift the flap and reveal 2 more pages that say good night to that animal.On the good night page, there is a large patch of soft fur on the animal's picture.He pets each animal to sleep, even instructing some of them, "Go to sleep now, good night" and kissing others.
His favorite is the last page that has a little girl on it.Her goodnight page has a fleece blanket strip sewn to the book, so he can pull it down and put it back over her and her teddy bear.He enjoys tucking her in, and then he mimics the page by getting under his own blanket with his own lovey.
If your toddler sometimes has trouble winding down for bed and is jumping up and down... grab this book.It's working for us - the allure of feeling the soft patches snag him, and then he's calmly listening to the rhymes... before he knows it, he's actually ready to fall asleep.

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