Lori Michelle - Dark Eclipse #26 - The Dark Moon Digest e-Monthly. PDF

PDF Issue #26 of Dark Eclipse includes:
Long Pig (a short story by John Putignano)
Kevin Customer (a column by Nicholas Paschall)
Mr. Herwig's Secret (flash fiction by Tim Jeffreys)
Demons (poetry by Vivian Kasley)
In the Rain (a short story by Sarah Terzo)
The Chimerical Dark (a column by Sean M. Davis)
Tobermory (a classic short story by Saki)
The Grim Reader (poetry by Mathias Jansson)
Jersey Devil (flash fiction by Nicholas Paschall)
Imagine That (a column by Manny Frishberg)
Dishonorable Path (poetry by Miracle Austin)
Sweet Tea and MamaLady (flash fiction by Adrian Ludens)
Bits of the Dead (a column by Jay Wilburn)
The Serial Killer's Wife (a short story by Samantha Combs)

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