Angelus Silesius - A Blessing of Silence. PDF

PDF A collection of forty beautiful poems of the mystic Christian poet Angelus Silesius, from his work the Angelic Wanderer (Der Cherubinische Wandersmann) uniquely translated by C. M. Vega

Including the following poems:

The finery of what remains
The abode of eternal stillness
Only God satisfies
It is necessary to be entirely divine
No one knows what it is
You must be as God is
You must go beyond even God
God does not exist without me
I receive from God, & God from me
I am as God is & God is as I am
God is in me, and I am in Him
We must go beyond
Man is eternity
The Christian is as rich as God
The Super-Godhead (Uber-Gottheit)
The love that compels God
A Christian is the child of God
I am equal to God
The blessed silence
Beatitude depends upon you
God gives Himself as one wishes
The abandoning
The Spiritual Mary
Be the nothing that wishes for nothing
God is not seen
Mystical death
The death that gives life
The most fortunate death
The eternal death
There is no death
Perpetual death
God dies and lives in us
Nothing lives that does not die
Death deifies you
The greatest of things is to die
There is no life without death
Unrest comes from yourself alone
The peace of equanimity
The imperfect abandoning
God is what He wants

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