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PDF I have known darkness and void my entire life, and they have given me nothing. Now that I have seen a spark of light, I cannot again return to the shadows. They fall around me, and they all reveal what I have sought after without knowing what I sought.
They reveal hope to me.

Birthed of the shadows and destined for a life of darkness, Shiloh has been bred for one purpose only, that of destroying the world. Her path is a lonely and bloody one as she sets out to fulfill the ancient prophecy which foretold her coming.
But her task is not to go unhindered. There is another player spoken of in the prophecy, and his quest is to thwart hers. Across the isle of Kithara they race, she leaving a trail of blood in her wake, he doing all he can to stop her at every point. Traps are laid, and escaped; spells are cast, and unraveled. Darkness looms; light flickers, but it does not go out.
Instead, it grows. Even in the black and bleak corners of Shiloh’s own heart, it grows. The dark powers that have controlled her for so long, however, will not be easily cast aside. Darkness struggles against light, and the world hangs in the balance.

A prequel to Still the Candle Burns.

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