Bryan Davis - Oracles of Fire (Oracles of Fire, #1-4). PDF


Excitement, intrigue, mystery!Experience all the adventure in one place with Oracles of Fire: The Complete Series!What ancient mysteries lurk behind the amazing stories in the Dragons In Our Midst series? Eye of the Oracle takes listeners back in time to the days when dragons abounded. From the era just before Noah’s ark, through the battles between dragons and mankind in the time of King Arthur, and to the haunting presence of dragons in our day, this stunning prequel reveals the mysteries that led to the best-selling fantasy adventure that began with Raising Dragons. The excitement continues in Enoch’s Ghost, Last of the Nephilim, and The Bones of Makaidos. Listen as Billy and his friends and allies fight for their lives, and the future all all mankind in the stunning conclusion to this groundbreaking series presented here in one set! Fantasy and science fiction blend to make an exciting story that inspires young people to dig deep within to find their God-given strengths and use them to overcome any obstacle.

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