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PDF Griffin's Business ActiveBook is an interactive, online, digital book that uses multimedia resources to greatly enhance the learning experience. Business, Sixth Edition, provides readers with a comprehensive overview of every aspect of business and the environment in which business prospers. This best-selling book has captured the flavor and excitement of the new economy in all of its rapidly evolving practices. The new edition continues the book's user-friendly tradition and its commitment to relevant material and hands-on learning. It also focuses on people in business and the decisions they make on a daily basis. The authors have taken this commitment to new levels in an effort to provide more personal — and, at the same time, more practical — access to people who do business by letting readers ask them questions about cutting-edge business issues and practices. A six part organization covers: the contemporary business environment, the business of managing, understanding people in organizations, understanding principles of marketing, managing operations and information, and understanding financial issues.

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