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PDF Technically I am not done with this one.
But close enough. I have time to write a review now and mentioned it in my homeschool blog today.
This is a fantastic biography.Written in a great detailed narrative that reads like an adventure story, while staying true to the spiritual and supernatural life of Saint Patrick.Much like William Bennett's book on Saint Nicolas, the author fills in the many missing gaps of the life of Saint Patrick (after all he lived nearly 1,700 year ago)with a yes, imaginative story full of detail and heart.Those are the best books!Imagining what a boy of fifteen years old would feel like and experience being kidnapped by pirates.What life as a slave by an ancient Druid would be like.Seeing a vision, being visited by an angel.Making the anguishing decision to return to the people who captured and enslaved you out of love and mercy.All of these historic details are included, quite well in this vintage book.I hardily recommend it to any teacher, or parent who would like their child to learn, in a very entertaining and God-honoring way, just how much Saint Patrick loved Christ and people.

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