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PDF Prom Night is a masterpiece of fashion feats and derring 'dos. It's a stirring survey of taffeta, tuxedos, and tulle; a compelling compendium of baby blue, bouffants, and boutonnieres. But most of all it's a touching reminder of that legendary night that promised to be the best night ever. Ever. Whether the theme was Stairway to Heaven or Forever Young and whether the fashion du jour was Sissy Spacek la Carrie or prim Jackie O., the aim was to look as glamorous and sophisticated as possible. And that's exactly what Prom Night delivers: glamour and sophistication. Showcasing over 90 snapshots, candids, and formal prom pictures from the 1940s onward and including a thought-provoking prom timeline, this little book is a paean to a very, very special night.

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