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PDF This is my favorite book by Boris And Arkady Strugatskyand most probably favorite science fiction book overall.
Main idea: no matter how kind and fair a World is, creating Secrete Service leads to death of an innocent people. It does so even when original purpose of its creation is good and people who serve in it are nice and fair. In this sense "Beetle in the Anthill" and "Homeland" (TV series) have very much in common...
Events take place in so-called "Noon World" - sci-fi utopia, distant future, when all the men are kind and powerful, ultimate science achievements provided people with infinite wealth, with no money, no poverty, no greed, long healthy lives and star travels all around Universe with a mission to help other civilizations to succeed.
Everything is fine. Basically John Lennon got it right in "imagine".
Maksim Cammerer, who serves for COMCON-2 - newly created secret service with a mission to protect Earth from unwanted intrusions, receives important assignment - he has to find a "progressor" (that's how those people who serve on distant stars are called), Lev Abalkin. He suddenly run away from a planet where he was planted, killed another "progressor" (which is something unbelievable for people of Noon World - there is no crime) and hides somewhere on Earth.
Maksim quickly realizes there is something way more important here then rabid "progressor". Lev Abalkin has very weird biography, his parents are unknown, he never really had friends, and it seems like it was forbidden for him to live on Earth (which is also completely unprecedented)...
Now not giving everything away, I just wanna say that I love this book and definitely recommend it to everyone who didn't have a chance to read it yet - you'll have a lot of fun and that bittersweetending... I promise you won't regret it and if you will indeed - there are more books by Strugatskies about "Noon World" so it's a fun with continuation.

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