Dorothy Cannell - Femmes Fatal (Ellie Haskell Mystery, #5). PDF

PDF This is the 5th book in a series of mysteries by Dorothy Cannell. Ellie Haskell is an insecure, self deprecating interior designer.Ellie is married to Ben who is her drop-dead gorgeous husband and father to her recently born twins.Ellie, feeling less than attractive finds herself joining a group called Fully Female that attempts to give guidance and counsel to insecure females in the more intimate aspects of their lives.
What begins to happen in their small community is that members of this group of women begin dying off in rather unusual circumstances.Ellie happens to be an innocent witness to a couple of these occurrences and decides she needs to get to the bottom of what is going on around her.These books are written with a good deal of wit and satire and I find myself chuckling and even laughing out loud at times in these stories.I have read a lot of mysteries and enjoy the genre very much.I like this series because they are written with a sense of humor and a feel for the foibles of human beings.

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