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Well this wasn't a bad story! There were a few peeves, but overall likable and the art is pretty looking.

Batgirl has a difficult past. I mean her father killed people for no good reason. I guess he got paid money? But it really looked like he liked that shit to me. Anyway, bad dad + good mom = semi-good girl. However, spending so much time with her dad (after her mother's death? I don't's all really unclear on the details) and his violence...she learned the ways of finding weaknesses and using them to her advantage.

Like Superman and his fear of cats:

Well, because her dad was her "teacher" she learned more about violence and asskicking rather than learning her ABCs. This makes me a little meh about the parts where she's trying to figure out words. Then, she explains the word's definition and all the while her dialog constantly uses "um" and "uh".

Because it's, uh, great when dialogue sounds like this. Erm, Especially in the um, midst of a...what's that word? Oh, battle. I'm too busy explaining what battle means—it's a fight between two people. Like the fight I'm in right now.

List of peeps she fights: A black chick—named Onyx (of course), a gooey chick with lots of goo, a french gorilla, some random big guy—Death-something-or-other, and his daughter—The Revenger.

It was a nice quick read that once I got past the choppy dialogue, I could appreciate the story. Also, minus one star for no Batman cameo. Not cool man.

ps. I still hate Superman.

Comic sample:

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