Kristin Earhart - Starlight. PDF

PDF It is a book where a young girl named Hayley gets afoal from her Dad's mare Midnight because she drops a foal. Hayley names her Starlight. Starlight wants nothing to do with traning. Starlight also sneaks carrots out of Hayley's back pocket! Starlight won't let Hayley even brush her! Hayley really wants to train Starlight like her Dad's mare Midnight, but Starlight doesn't. Then Midnight comes to the gate at night because Starlight is missing! Her and her Dad go looking up in the mountains. Soon there are clouds in the sky and Hayley's Dad says they need to go back. Then Hayley sees astar in the woods! One last time Hayley calls "Starlight"! Then the moves closer and closer and closer until Hayley sees the star belongs to Starlight! Starlight comes up to Hayley. Hayley and her Dad take Starlight home and put her with Midnight.

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