Shelley Chappell - The Sleeping Maid (Fairy Tale eShorts, #3). PDF

PDF Gorran is the village blacksmith. Every day at his forge he looks forward to greeting his sweetheart on her return from the castle, where she works as a maid. But the princess was cursed by a resentful fairy, and when she pricks her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and falls into a magical sleep, she is not alone. The castle and its lands are sealed off behind a wall of enchanted briar, and the villagers who work there are sealed off with it.

Gorran would do anything, give anything, to get his beloved Caterina back. He labours at his forge for creative ways to breach the briar and walks the length of the kingdom to hunt fairies in the wild wood. But time is an enemy Gorran cannot fight, a problem he cannot solve. As each day passes, he grows older, while beyond the briar his sweetheart is eternally young.

A romantic novelette of 14, 000 words.

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