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PDF ‘The pebble in my pocket is round and smooth and brown.’ This is a wonderfully factual account of the journey made by one tiny pebble over 480 million years of earth’s history. It begins by explaining the process of rock formation and erosion documenting each step of the journey which the pebble would have taken in order to reach its present form. It also explains the continuum of the geosphere which provides the reader with lots to think about.Coadys’ intricate illustrations teamed with Hoopers’ detailed narrative makes for an engrossing and informative read.It really has completely changed the way I think of pebbles; “each pebble has come from its own special rock, each was made in its own time and place.”

I particularly liked the geological time line which was provided at the back of the book. This illustrates the main periods in the earth’s history and would be great to further examine with pupils in class. Furthermore the animals which are illustrated throughout the book are typical of the times in history being described on each page; this would add further weight to class discussions and activities.

The book is targeted at key stages 2 and 3 and touches on multiple aspects of the curriculum including both English and Science.

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