L. Ron Hubbard - L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future 24. PDF

PDF Contents:
Why there are the contests by Algis Budrys
A man in the moon by Philip Edward Kaldon, illustrated by William Ruhlig
Bitter dreams by Ian McHugh, illustrated by Robert J. Hall, Jr.
Taking a mile by J. Kathleen Cheney, illustrated by James Galindo
Circulate by L. Ron Hubbard
Crown of thorns by Sonia Helbig, illustrated by William Ruhlig
Hangar Queen by Patrick Lundrigan, illustrated by Robert Castillo
Snakes and ladders by Paula R. Stiles, illustrated by Gustavo Bollinger
The well-adjusted writer by Rebecca Moesta
Epiphany by Laura Bradley Rede, illustrated by Alexandra D. Szweryn
Cruciger by Erin Cashier, illustrated by Stephen R. Stanley
Circuit by J.D. EveryHope, illustrated by Brittany J. Jackson
A war bird in the belly of the mouse by David Parish-Whittaker, illustrated by Sean Kibbe
The four C's to success by Cliff Nielsen
Simulacrum's children by Sarah L. Edwards, illustrated by Kyle Phillips
The bird reader's granddaughter by Kim A. Gillett, illustrated by Ilya Shkipin
The girl who whispered beauty by Al Bogdan, illustrated by Stephen Knox

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