Rusty A. Biesele - The Saeshell Book of Time, Part 4 (Children of Sophista, #4). PDF

PDF True horror: a teen with the power to destroy whole planets? No, Stefan can do more than that. The Ceremony of Life reveals who everyone truly is: they are Stefan, Tova, and Aleah's toys. Tyco was born with a genetic flaw that must be fixed by the Lizards — creatures with no primate love who torture Tyco. Tova2 must help Stefan overcome his fears so he may use his Saeshell powers to rescue Tyco. How can Stefan and Tova2 fully use their talents to protect Earth without terrorizing the humans? Magic — magic is advanced science that humans don’t understand. Yet what does the rule of the wizards of Sophista portend for the Children of Sophista, the Fairies, the Saeshells, the Federation of the Twenty, and the humans — all those from which Stefan’s corporeal form was derived? Everyone fears the coming of the Sun Gods. Yet, Stefan and Aleah know something — something about the Sun Gods and Tova2.

This edition is illustrated in full color with illustrations printed in near photographic quality. The book is printed in the large format 8.5"x11".

Book released early! Direct purchase link:

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