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PDF Please! Doctor Who, a “guilty pleasure”?! Or anime, which is a genuine art form? And I’m very good at “Trivial Pursuit” — most reference librarians are. It’s also obviously a generational thing; my mother was a Liberace fan in the ‘50s, and I loved Jiffy Pop in the pre-microwave days myself. (I was already too old when MTV debuted in 1981, or for paintball, which appeared that same year.) And is there anyone who doesn’t have a few souvenir T-shirts in the closet? On the other hand, who’s gonna admit to deliberately watching Hanna-Barbera cartoons? Or Leave It to Beaver reruns, or The Gong Show? Or to drinking Big Red? This is the perfect book for a long road trip, for reading aloud to each other and starting arguments. There are some odd omissions, though: How can you talk about “End-of-the-World Movies” without mentioning On the Beach? Or “Elvis Impersonators” without noting Andy Kaufman’s eerily accurate version early in his career? Or, for the ultimate in self-reference, why isn’t there a listing under “Trivia Books”?

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