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PDF Spike Milligan is one of my intellectual heroes.He throughly entertained about two generations of people in the U.K. while having to deal with severe manic depression.Overall Carpenter's biography is solid.Carpenter only gets off track, in my opinion, when he tries to imply that Spike was more in control of his mood swings than he wanted us to believe.Carpenter also tries to say at one point that Spike might have been Schizophrenic because of his occasional bouts with auditory hallucinations and his sensitivity to certain noises.Maybe is was a touch of bad research as both are common symptoms reported by those suffering a severe depressive mood.In my depression I've had auditory hallucinations myself, but they are aren't to be confused with schizophrenic "voices" as they usually take the form of crashes, bells, or other random noises; in other words they are just brain cells mis-firing.

Carpenter seems to have the bias of someone who has never been personally touched by depression personally or in his family.Good for him, however he doesn't always have enough sympathy for a problem that often debilitated Spike.The attitude the book takes is very nebulous.

Other than that, this book is very solid.

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