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PDF Douglas Reeman is a one trick pony, but he performs his trick well, over and over and over.He gets at odd corners of the naval conflict during ww2 and crafts a nice thriller in that space.Here we have one of his darlings, a German merchant raider, running amok in the Indian Ocean.The Australians pit an overworked light cruiser against it and thus the drama begins.His main character, this time a young captain with the VC, is a bit of fresh air for Reeman, although he is unable to refrain from a love story to complicate matters, and this particular love story gets too much time devoted to it.There is a Nazi atrocity, which adds suitable grit and a satisfying climax.Really, this could be done as a film, it has that kind of clarity to the mind as you read it.If you like this one, you'll want more.

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