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PDF Her love reawakened his heart.
His touch taught her the meaning of desire.

The Whisper of Scandal
After years of exile on the Continent, Joanna was returning to the aristocratic English society she left in disgrace. Nothing—not even the gossip mongers—could keep her from Wakefield Abbey, where she intended to rescue her cousin Lydia's beloved son from his own father, the man Joanna suspected of Lydia's untimely death. Cool, dashing, and devilishly handsome, Guy de Salis, Marquess of Greaves, seemed capable of anything—except giving and receiving love.

The Song of Love
She bore a startling resemblance to his dead wife. Clearly, Joanna was a woman to beware. Reluctantly, Guy asked her to be his son's governess and was astonished when the troubled child bloomed under her care. Before he knew it, the beautiful, exasperating woman was upsetting his well-ordered life, challenging his well-guarded secrets, making him imagine what joy there could be in loving the right woman—if only he could express the silent passions that raged in his torn and broken heart.

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