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PDF 1996, reissued by Andrews McMeel 3 April 2012

Alex and her younger sister True move to a small town in Washington state to live with her grandparents after her mother loses her job. Even though Alex was only there one time when she was a year old, she suffers from constant deja vu. Not only that, but she looks exactly like her aunt Nan, who ran away to marry her boyfriend after a fight with her father. When Alex finds out that on her last visit, she found the body of Judy Fitzwater drowned in a pond, she starts having even more memories— but from the point of view of the girl who drowned. When she discovers new classmate of hers, Tawney, also drowned, Alex starts to question what happened to her aunt. Alex has always been afraid of the water, but starts to scuba dive with Josh, whom she likes. Part of the town had been flooded, and looking over the old movie theater and other remains is a popular pastime. As more and more of the past starts coming back to Alex, she is sure that Nan met a horrible end... and that whoever killed her is linked to the other deaths and may be around to cause more.
Strengths: This was a good murder mystery in the style of Richie Tankersley Cusick, Christopher Pike, or R.L. Stine. It would be popular in my library, and not overly gory or too old.
Weaknesses: *Sigh* I feel duped by NetGalley. This does not appear to be available in print format, only as a Nook book. I should have known that this was an older title when Alex walked into her TYPING class in high school. It did have an older feel to it, but if I could get a copy, I would. Drat.

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