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PDF 'You go through the hell of Africa, and the beastliness of fighting; you are fortunate enough to be captured and to leave all that behind you. You come to our lovely country, and then at the first opportunity you risk your life so that you can get back to the war. You must be crazy!'And perhaps they were, in an endearingly mad-dog English way. But the Italians woefully underestimated their prisoners' irrepressible spirit of adventure, outrageous audacity and mind-boggling ingenuity. In several escape attempts, Tony Davies and his companions jumped from trains, tunnelled through solid concrete floors, hid in thinly disguised trenches, culminating in a dramatic 700 - mile trek through German-occupied Italy with nothing to sustain them but a sense of humour and the true-grit of typically British defiance...This is one of the best escape books that has ever been written... the climax passes even the intense excitement of the train jumping episode to a pitch of almost unbearable tension' BOOKS & BOOKMEN' Brings a horrid freshness to the bravado and bestiality of war' TIMES literary SUPPLEMENT

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