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PDF This story is about a boy and his father. They go to the beach to watch the sunrise for the first time. It is a simple story about this special shared experience that I think any family can relate to. It has nice details, like the smell of the rocks, the hermit crabs, the temperature of the air and the water. The thing that pushes it from three stars to four is the way the boy's deafness is handled. The author added details so that it is clear that the boy is deaf (though not clear if his father is.) The deepest explanation given is the line, "Dad and I have lots of ways of talking to each other, like signing or lipreadng or just squeezing each other's hands. That's our secret signal."
The illustrations are beautiful watercolors and the background for the text. The pictures are soft, muted, and inviting until the sun comes up. Then, they are bold and orange—exactly as a sunrise should look.
In all, it is a beautiful book and worth a read but not something I will come back to again and again.

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