Tracy Como - So Caught Up in You (A Two Tickets to Paradise Novel, #1). PDF

PDF Once again, Danielle Lawrence wakes in a stranger's bed with no memory of how she got there. No, she’s not a lush, she’s possessed, host to an entity with a mysterious erotic agenda. Fearing for her safety and her sanity, she sneaks back home to Florida, the site of her possession and the place where her problems began. But in a town like Sugar Beach—where the natives are a distilled mixture of cane syrup, corn mash, and crazy—quiet homecomings and easy answers are not a good bet.

Danielle's biggest roadblock is the irresistible Mason Montgomery, who unwittingly holds the key to her freedom and whose troubles are tied to her own. Things heat up between Mason and Danielle quicker than you can say Wild Willie's Whiskey Wing Sauce, but Mason can't afford to get distracted by the sexy woman snooping around his office when his family's seaside retail empire is near bankruptcy.

In a place where the locals are salty and the air is sweet, these two people are destined to find … that passion and secrets always rise to the surface … and roll in with the tide.

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