Llewellyn Publications - Llewellyn's 1998 Magical Almanac. PDF

PDF This eclectic treasury of folklore, diverse magical and spiritual traditions, spells, and how-tos is a resource you can use every day to enrich all of your endeavors. Not only can you support your magical lifestyle with a dazzling array of articles (about 100 in all) by your favorite authors, but the almanac pages in the heart of the book list the Moon's sign and phase, and incense and color correspondences for each day to maximize the energy of your workings. A listing of holidays and festivals around the world makes it possible for you to celebrate a new tradition nearly every day of the year.Generate a powerful energy field with Greek worry beads...create a solar temple with sunflowers and morning glories... learn to invite your guardian spirits into your dreams — all this and more enrich this esoteric treasury!

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